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Another video about water and climate disruption. If you think climate change is all about carbon, this video, and the long line of related videos from the same page, are essential watching. Carbon is important, but compared to water it plays a tiny role in global temperature development. Yet water is almost entirely ignored by climate science, politics, and environmental movements.

Did I say essential watching?

Watch it.

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How to make a pond in sandy soil 2

First Water! Alas, there isn’t much time to work on our project of how to make a pond in sandy soil yet because so much of our time is still spent painting and cleaning the main house. It’s in a bad state after having not been lived in for over a year and not maintained […]


We Have Arrived On Två Ekar Gård


We have set foot on Två Ekar Gård. Carla and I arrived on the 31st of July, and Annika joined us on the 11th of August. Only yesterday did we finally manage to establish internet connection, so hence the silence. It has been wonder-filled to take the first tiny steps of the long process of getting […]