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Another video about water and climate disruption. If you think climate change is all about carbon, this video, and the long line of related videos from the same page, are essential watching. Carbon is important, but compared to water it plays a tiny role in global temperature development. Yet water is almost entirely ignored by climate science, politics, and environmental movements.

Did I say essential watching?

Watch it.

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How to make a pond in sandy soil 2

First Water! Alas, there isn’t much time to work on our project of how to make a pond in sandy soil yet because so much of our time is still spent painting and cleaning the main house. It’s in a bad state after having not been lived in for over a year and not maintained […]


Getting to know the land of Två Ekar Gård

Getting to know the land of Två Ekar Gård

Last week I went to Två Ekar for the very first time. Living in the South of Sweden, it takes all together 7 ½ hours by public transport to get to Råda, about 8km away from the farm, thus I couldn’t be there when my farm-mates visited the farm in May. Luckily last week Arthur […]


Why “Två Ekar Gård”?

Radja, the white shepherd.

This is an explanation of why our farm is going to be called Två Ekar Gård (Two Oak Farm) as a commemoration of Radja, our canine companion who was going to be the fourth partner in our endeavours.