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Another video about water and climate disruption. If you think climate change is all about carbon, this video, and the long line of related videos from the same page, are essential watching. Carbon is important, but compared to water it plays a tiny role in global temperature development. Yet water is almost entirely ignored by climate science, politics, and environmental movements.

Did I say essential watching?

Watch it.

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Happening Now

A very short overview of what is “happening now” on the farm:

April 2016
*The log cabin for the ducks/chickens is nearing completion.

*The guest cabin has been painted inside, and when the weather will be too bad to work outside, we’ll work on furnishing and so on, with the intent to get it ready as a self catering unit, or as housing for volunteers.

*The pond mentioned below is ready in principle, but as yet is failing to hold water… oh dear! Worst case we’ll need to reapply manure and plant material. Worstest case… mum will demand a plastic liner for this one pond in the garden of the main house.

*We’ve started planting the first vegetable, fruit, and tree seeds to have them ready for the next point:

*We’ve started working on the first hügelbeds in the garden of the main house. So far we’ve only dug out the shallow footprint for the beds, which will be in nice curvey lines.

Photos of all this following soon.


Summer 2015
It is still early days, but already a long-term project has commenced, and many more will follow:

Wil & Carla pre-enjoying the future view.

Wil & Carla pre-enjoying the future view.

How to make ponds in sandy soils without plastic liners


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