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Another video about water and climate disruption. If you think climate change is all about carbon, this video, and the long line of related videos from the same page, are essential watching. Carbon is important, but compared to water it plays a tiny role in global temperature development. Yet water is almost entirely ignored by climate science, politics, and environmental movements.

Did I say essential watching?

Watch it.

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Our effort is all about community, human ànd non-human.

But here we have three people who are not from Sweden: two Dutchies (Carla & Arthur) and a German. We will do our best to somehow be of use to the local (human ànd non-human) community. As far as the human community is concerned, we will try to involve local people directly and indirectly in the goings-on on the farm, and will get projects going such as working on community gardens in the local area and to involve local schools.

We will start working on plans for this during the 2015-2016 winter.


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